Life and Honorary Members of Health Insights represent a group of individuals that have advanced beyond Personal and Corporate Membership and are no longer active in an executive role with a healthcare provider or corporate supporter of the industry.  Additionally, to qualify for Life Membership, an individual must have been an active member of Health Insights for no less than ten years.  Life and Honorary Members are invited to attend and participate in a limited number of conferences.

Life & Honorary Members
Life & Honorary Members:
The Alumnae
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Health Insights
Richard Barr
Presbyterian Healthcare

Eugene Beck
Hospice at Texas Medical Center

Clark Bell
McCormick Tribune Foundation

Alethea Caldwell
Alethea Caldwell Associates

David Campbell
St. Vincent Catholic Medical Center

Edward Connors
Connors/Roberts Associates

Charles Ewell
The Governance Institute

Thomas Galinski
Ohio Valley Health Services

Leo Greenawalt
Washington State Hospital Assoc.

John Grotting
Ascent Health Solutions
Allen Hicks
St. Vincent's Hospital

William Himmelsbach
VHA Metro

Kent Jackman

Jan Jennings
Prudential Financial

James Jonassen

William Kelley
Stereotaxis, Inc.

William Kreykes

Philip Kurtz
Benefit Informatics

Richard Miller
Barton Malow Company

John Pangrazio
Michael Peterson
Stanford Hospitals & Clinics

Denny Pointer
University of Washington

Max Poll
Scottsdale Healthcare

Carolyn Roberts
Connors/Roberts Associates

Robert Shaw
Norton Cancer Institue

Donald Sibery
The Sibery Group

Robert Simmons
RJS Healthcare

Dale Strassheim
The Baby Fold

William Welton
University of Washington

Rod Wolford
Gordian Health Solutions
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